Welcome to A Look Through The Measuring Cups!

Are you lovely people wondering why my blog is called this? You’re in luck because I am about to tell you. I wanted to think of a cool, unique, name that encompasses my love of healthy food, fashion, etc etc. This is not that title. Maybe you think it is, and thank you that’s wonderful. Everything sounded horrible and cheesy at first. Then I started thinking of all my favorite bloggers and the posts that emphasis that the internet is just one part of their lives. My mind then obviously went to Alice in Wonderland and “through the looking glass.” To me that represents peering into someone else’s world in a way you would never get to normally. I want to give you wonderful people a look into my continuing journey of wellness, which obviously means food (I’m kidding… sort of.)

To start off I present you with things I am obsessed with:

1. Almond butter.



4. Stripes and Leopard.

5. Gala apples, frozen mangoes, frozen bananas.

6. Bananas ( yes that’s like the 3rd time).

7. Oatmeal and ezekial english muffins.

8. Dresses and blazers.

9. Quinoa, kale, butternut squash, hummus, do you need any other food?

10. You people! You may be imaginary, you may be real, but I love you nonetheless.


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