Recent Eats

I’m trying to actually make the recipes I obsessively favorite on my computer. Normally they just hang out on my computer forever as I stare at the pretty images. Anyone else do that? Pin a bunch of recipes or save a favorite blog post only to make the same recipes on repeat? Innovation will win this tine, let me tell you.

I thought I’d share a few recent dishes I made and wish I created and I will soon gush about how obsessed I am with parsnips now.


This here is spaghetti squash and Italian bean balls from The Simple Veganista. This recipe was amazingggg. I did only end up using half the amounts of oats and brand because I have a small food processor and didn’t think too much ahead. Regardless, spaghetti squash = my new BFF.


Here they are, the almond butter parsnip fries from Oh She Glows. I will take any excuse to use my fav food almond butter. I never thought to use parsnips in anything but holiday soup but I was blown away by the creamy but slightly bitter ( in a good this dish has a bite to I way) taste.

This cookie here is the star of the show. It’s this recipe from Cave Girl in the City, but I added en extra 1 1/2 T of almond meal and they were heavennnnn. Vegan baking success!

Here are links to these recipes! I was going to be all fancy and link them to the blog title, but my basically out of space computer threw a fit. Hope you enjoy!

Spaghetti squash:

Chocolate chip cookies:

Parsnip fries:

I’m off to continue the Passover cooking!


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