Motivating Yourself to Exercise

Workout Inspiration

Workout Inspiration by treerochelle featuring wrap tops

I’ve been studying to get my certification in group exercise, but I still need my motivation to exercise just like everyone else. Now that the sun is back and the temperatures are rising, my desire to workout has skyrocketed. I suddenly want to play tennis, take walks, and be active. Smoothies are becoming more regular, I feel invigorated and my mood shifts for the better. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and we need more motivation to trick us into fitness.

Tip #1: New workout clothes.

Any new workout gear reignites my love for exercise. All it takes is a new sports bra to get me to do my Jillian Michaels DVDS.

Tip #2: Bright colors.

When you wear color, you feel brighter, lighter, and have more energy to work out. Find  your power color and fill your workout wardrobe with that color! I’ve been loving pink, orange, and blue.

Tip #3: Grab a buddy!

Friends will push you to keep moving and serve as a distraction. You can combine fitness with catching up with an old friend by going for a walk, taking a group exercise class, or do an at-home workout.

Tip #4: Blast some music!

Create a playlist of your favorite upbeat music and let it motivate you!

Let’s talk about this Lululemon wrap top. It is the perfect transition item to take you from workout to the outside world. After all, we all strive to look cute and stylish after sweating at the gym!

Wrap top

NIKE cushioned shoes


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