Hearty, Healthy, Mexican Inspired Crock-pot Dinner

This dish is not quite Mexican, but it has salsa and corn, so to me that means mexican inspired. I think it’s my Chipotle craving coming through.





Ignoring the bad food photography, this was delicious!! Plus easy. Easy is the best part. Today was rainy, windy, cold, the horrible trifecta. I knew the only thing I wanted to eat for dinner was something warm and comforting from my slow cooker. From the depths of my freezer and cabinet came this dish. It may not look the prettiest, but it tastes the prettiest. It’s the inside that counts guys. Just repeat that to yourself every time a healthy dish comes out nottttt the most photogenic.

I hate to say this but I did not do complete measurements for this. That is why I love slow cooker recipes! You can’t mess it up and you can completely customize it to your own liking. This is a vegetarian dish but you can add meat if you eat it. Here it is, my easy (grab random things from my kitchen) meal!


1/3 bag lentils (I had green)

1 can chick peas

1/2 bag frozen peas

2 cups water

1 can salsa ( mine is from Trader Joes)

2 diced Japanese yams (any potatoes will work)

2 cups spinach leaves (about, I didn’t really measure this)

3/4 cups frozen edamame (about)

3/4 cups frozen corn (about)


Throw everything into your slow cooker and enjoy! Mine went for about 3 hours on high, then on low for another 1 1/2, but this can be different for your slow cooker or how you like it.)



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