Quick Healthy Meals: Festive Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Cinco de Mayo was on Monday and I celebrated by being in class and working on a project. That does not say festive to me, and no, margaritas were not involved, but how fun of a class would that be! I had to leave my house in the afternoon and since I wouldn’t be home until 9, I came prepared with my own Mexican inspired sweet potato meal. I did wrap this in foil to pretend I was eating burrito, and I could have just made my own burrito, but sweet potatoes are way more delicious. There are so many uses for sweet potatoes it’s crazy. I could seriously live off of sweet potatoes but that wouldn’t be too balanced.

Back to the stuffed sweet potato! This can be a leisurely potato or a quick one depending on your schedule. I had some time so I made mine in the oven, but it can be nuked in the microwave for super efficiency. Tofu too can vary based on time. I sauteed mine with a green olive tapenade from Trader Joes (best place ever), but it would also taste amazing if made in the oven. I love stuffed sweet potatoes because the possibilities are endless! You can have a breakfast potato with almond butter and fruit ( I like bananas and apples), or make it more savory with eggs, tomatoes and spinach. As you can tell I have a sweet potato problem.




Super Easy Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

-Sweet potato

-1/4 avocado sliced

-black beans ( throw on how much/little you like)

-tofu (again not measured just add as much/little as you like)

I wish it was more exciting but that is it! Just make the sweet potato however you like and throw on as many ingredients as your heart desires! This would be perfect for lunch, dinner along with a salad or your favorite side dish, or on its own. It’s simple, but I hope it inspires you to experiment with overlooked foods!


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