A Week of Breakfast

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. Breakfast all day everyday anyone? I have no problem spending all day reading blogs and making a note to have each of the breakfast recipes #nolife. I struggle between wanting to eat my favorites and a desire to try new things. We all go through phased and yes, there can be breakfast phases. This concept is similar to WIAW except it’s all breakfast all the time! Maybe I should call it WIAFB? It doesn’t have that same symmetry. Let’s get into the breakfast!


A green smoothie made from 1 frozen banana, spinach, 3/4 cup almond milk, maca powder. I also like adding dates, frozen mangoes, chia seeds and oats.



This is oatmeal made with egg whites and water and then topped with half a banana and frozen mangoes (which defrost right in front of your eyes sooo good).



Next we have chia pudding  made with almond milk, and it’s about 2 T of chia seeds. I of course added bananas and almond butter on top!

Below is my favorite banana and egg pancakes! So simple, just 2 eggs, a mashed banana and some flax seed! I topped mine with cinnamon and frozen mangoes (there is a theme of frozen mangoes)


Hope you enjoyed a peak into breakfast! I hope to do this more since breakfast is my favorite meal!




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