Healthy Dining Adventures: Candle 79


I finally went to Candle 79! I managed to find friends willing to eat at a vegan restaurant. My meal did not disappoint the hype! It was delicious, everything came out quickly, and I devoured every bite. I had the kale salad with tempeh. I can’t get over how good the tempeh was. My friends had the huevos rancheros and the burrito, both looked just as good as mine. For drinks, I got a green juice, which came in a clear glass with a garnish. I have to mention the tropical smoothie my cousin ordered because they put a Banaba slice on the rim! For a banana enthusiast like myself, I obviously appreciated that. We went for a late brunch, and when the food came I just ate everything. So worth it! I’m already plotting my next trip back, this time with my mom and great aunt.

Having a different food lifestyle than other people can often provide a challenge for socializing. I’ve learned to invite others into my lifestyle for the day to share good food without feeling uncomfortable. Flexibility is important, but so is suggesting places suitable for your food lifestyle too. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that people are willing to try new types of food if you just ask.


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