Foodie Pen Pals


Happy Friday! I participated in the Foodie Pen Pals created by The Lean Green Bean. I saw this when I began reading her blog, and decided to join in on the fun. When you sign up for Foodie Pen Pals, you get paired with another person in your country and send each other a food package! I was drawn to this because people don’t send mail anymore, and it is a fun way to meet new people! I was paired with a lovely girl, Brittany, and I want to share what she sent me! Brittany is a vegan so it was great getting to try new products.

Here is what I got!






I was so excited to see any sort of granola bar and peanut butter combination. I have a nut butter/oat obsession, so this was perfect! It’s vegan, wheat free, non-gmo, and made in Colorado! It’s great for when you are low on energy and need a quick pick me up. I would even eat this as a sweet post-dinner treat.




I’ve seen Dragon Fruit because I love Navitas Naturals, but never picked it up myself. This stuff is delicious! It’s chewy and sweet, making it the perfect snack. I was most excited to receive this since I love fruit. I will probably buy more of these when I  inevitably consume it all.


There was a theme of snack bars which I love. Things that you can eat after a workout or bring along in your bag. This screams salty/sweet, the best combination. This PROBAR is vegan and has Omega 3 and 6. I haven’t tried this still but it looks good.


All natural version of M&Ms enough said.


I’m a sucker for trying energy bars that have chocolate in them because they taste like dessert. This one tasted really good and not overly sweet which I like. Once again, these are vegan, non-gmo, gluten free, and contain omega 3 and 6.


I saw almond butter and got extremely excited. A cute little dessert is how I treat this one. It’s a gluten free treat you can feel better about eating. I need to try more almond butter products or continue to make my own. Comment below with any of your trusty almond butter recipes!


This was a product very different for me. A coconut water protein drink definitely intrigued me. Plus it had tahini which I love. Points for creativity because I never thought of coconut water, vanilla and tahini as a possible combination.

Overall I thought this was a great package! It was a great way to try new things and I’ll post the think for it if you want to sign up for June!

Food Pen Pals link 



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