Squash Dinners and Gym Time

I joined a gym! I am so excited to finally get back to group exercise classes. I went all the time in college, but this past year, I’ve relied on Youtube videos. These are definitely worth checking out, especially Tone It Up. These are great exercises that can be done anywhere and you can do as many or as little as you have time for. I finally found an affordable gym with a great group exercise selection. My house will no longer double as my fitness studio! Anyone else start associate certain parts of their house as failed attempts at exercise?

Now to my dinner! Half my recipes are me reading food blogs and gaining inspiration from that as it fuels my creativity. I see a lot of cauliflorwer rice recipes, butternut squash risotto recipes, so I just combined everything I wanted to eat in one dish. I have a habit of buying too many vegetables and then having to use them up in one dish. I used eggplant and butternut squash in this dish aka two of my favorite foods. I could ramble about squash allll day. Every kind of squash. I literally think about what new ways I can eat squash. Now that I’ve shared that not so normal piece of info, here is what I used!



Unfortunately I rely on my iphone to take these photos which is why they are not about to win any food photography awards! I put one head of cauliflower in the food processor and it will end up looking like white rice! I just heated it up in the pan for a few minutes before serving! For the eggplant and spinach, I just sauteed the eggplant (1 medium eggplant) on medium heat until soft, then added in the spinach. Spinach wilts meaning your amount of spinach will significantly decrease! I used basically the entire package and it was not a lot of spinach. For some flavor I used pepper and turmeric (been obsessed with this lately). Now for the best part…butternut squash puree. I boiled the squash until soft, then blended it with almond milk and nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast adds a “cheesiness” to the meal without using actual dairy. It also has b vitamins which is great for vegetarians or vegans who may be lacking in b vitamins.  The almond milk is used to create the puree consistency. Less milk will  yield a thicker squash, while more liquid will create more of a sauce. I just keep adding until my desired consistency! Thats it! No crazy recipe, no long ingredients list. You can add tempeh, tofu or beans for protein, or any meat of choice.



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