Thinking Out Loud

I decided to join the fun and participate in Thinking Out Loud hosted by Running with Spoons!


1. Rain makes me tired, and lazy, and less sociable. Let’s be real here, if it’s raining no one us running out the door to embrace life. Sometimes the weather just forces you to stop and reflect which is not inherently bad. I like the days when the world stops and everyone stares out of the window sipping coffee.

{source} I think we can all relate to the Netflix overload.

2. My Nutri Bullet deserves a post on its own based on how much I use it. I was worried it would become another lonely appliance abandoned under the kitchen island, but it’s taken center stage in my kitchen. Smoothies are becoming a regular thing for me when I’m out all day and have evening classes. When I say this I mean its constantly in my sink needing to be washed because I use it everyday. There is a lot of clean up with healthy eating!

3. I love coffee but I always feel dehydrated so I know I should stop drinking it and stick to water but I never listen to myself. I’ve actually been good about only drinking coffee on long days and not when I’m just sitting around my house all day.

4. I love trying new healthy restaurants…when I can find them. My mom is off today and we are taking a bit of a ride to go to a vegetarian place! Shout out to anyone that has to listen to me ramble about healthy food and me making sure I’m not being preachy. When talking about going out to eat I will sometimes be less enthused because of the lack of healthy options, but I’ve been working on balance and just enjoying time spent with others and thinking about the food less. Buttttttt if you mention any sort of health food restaurant, vegan restaurant, or vegetarian restaurant, I will get extremely over excited. AKA when I went to Candle 79!

5. Speaking of preachy, does anyone else find it hard to explain any food lifestyle different than the norm? I’m still searching for that perfect method that explains how I eat without making it seem like my way is better. I genuinely don’t want to sound preachy, so I end up trying to avoid the topic of how I eat. Avoidance is never the answer my friends! Now i’m going all therapist on you (p.s. I’m. in grad school if I never shared that).


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. It’s funny – I totally avoid diet/nutrition topics with friends or anyone I hear having the convo because I don’t believe in diet plans and hate to sound preachy about it or about how I eat…Agree on the coffee makes me feel dehydrated. Recently I cut back on how much I was actually drinking and it wasn’t too difficult!

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