Fitness Chat: Making Exercise Fun

As I’ve mentioned, I just joined a gym, and I wanted to share my experience so far. First I should mention my history with exercise.

I’m not very athletic. I don’t play sports except for my 2 year softball stint in elementary school (I was horrible). My only active activity was dance and that was the only form of exercise I enjoyed. I still prefer fitness classes that have an element of dance (aka Zumba). I always wanted to be a runner but I’m convinced I don’t have the lung capacity for it. I still have moments when I declare I’m going to take up running but that never happens.

I tried the treadmill and the elliptical, but I lose motivation immediately and can’t push myself to continue. I mention this because while I believe exercise should be a universal thing, it’s also deeply personal. What works for me may not work for you and that’s totally okay! Back to the gym! I really missed the energy and motivation I get from group fitness. The workouts speed by for me when I’m surrounded by others working out too. I love trying new classes and being able to switch up my routine.

I went to a step class for the first time and I pictured myself in an 80s workout video! I’m definitely a sucker for cheesy workout videos! I’m hoping to go to spin class tomorrow which is also a giant party! More updates to come as I continue my gym journey!

WIAW is a possibility for this little blog because I’m seriously obsessed with reading them and taking a nosey peek into other people’s food lifestyle!


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