Friday Favorites



It’s the weekend! I’m hoping to see The Fault in Our Stars tonight because it was sold out last week. Random thought of the day: I felt super old waiting on line with 16 year olds for movie tickets even though I look very young myself. Those moments put into perspective how much time has gone by and how fast it is going by too. I’m only 22 years old, which is still pretty young, but it’s a nice reminder that I am an adult now. Back to my favorites! I wanted to share some of my food and beauty favorites of the moment.

20140612-172407.jpgWhite nail polish is both a classic summer color and a scary color to pull off. I don’t know what it is about white that makes everyone so nervous to wear. I just got this one from Essie and I love how it looks. This is the season of white accents for me, calling it now. Something about summer just screams “buy new nail polish Ilana.”



I love Mary’s Gone Crackers. A great alternative to chips and crackers for us health foodies. The are perfect for hummus, guacamole, on top of a salad, basically anything. Right now I have original, but I’ve also had the black pepper one. You can see what these crackers are made of just by looking at them which is a plus because I like seeing what my food is made of.

20140612-172352.jpg I get so wrapped up with my love of bananas that I forget there are tons of other cool fruits out there like dragon fruit. These are sliced and dried pieces and have a very chewy consistency. I was surprised I liked these but the chewiness makes it seem like an old school chewy fruit snack. I like eating these when I feel like a snack but may not actually be hungry.


I’ve only used this museli once so far, but I liked the combination of oats, seeds, and nuts. It left me feeling full without having to eat too much of it. I used this to make overnight oats. I love eating overnight oats during the warm weather because when it’s hot out I don’t always crave a big bowl of hot oats.

20140612-172642.jpgLet’s end things on a beauty note. I love NYX and love how affordable it is. I recently lost (sad times) my butter gloss in Tiramisu and went to repurchase it. We know that leads to buying even more makeup, so I ended up with three lip glosses. I got the butter gloss in Meringue, and a matte lip cream in Tokyo . I can’t wait to see how the matte lip creme looks!


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