My Weekly Variety: Overnight Oats Day 2

It’s day 2 of my overnight oats week! I was sitting in class thinking about how I could prepare my oats when I thought of a green smoothie! It’s a seamless way to sneak some greens into your morning. I love using spinach because the taste gets masked by whatever fruit you use. It’s great for green smoothie beginners who may fear the taste of kale (kale fans unite!). I used my smoothie as the liquid to soak the oats in and I am in love. The smoothie soaks up the oats just like almond milk would but adds so much more flavor without needing to add in a million extra powders and liquids. I can’t wait to try this with mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, acai (acai overnight oats, yes must happen)! Let’s get to today’s oats.






I want to emphasis how simple these oats are because I am all about easy meals. Overnight oats are meant to be convenient, that means the night before too.


Green Smoothie Oats

1 large handful of spinach (eyeball)

1 small frozen banana sliced

almond milk/water/any milk  to consistency

1/2 cup oats


All I did was put the frozen banana, spinach, splash (is large splash a term?) of Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my Nutri Bullet and added water until I got the consistency I wanted! Does anyone else find that if you don’t put enough liquid in the Nutri Bullet it makes an angry sound, so you add more liquid and then it becomes too thin? Story of my life guys. I’m happy to report that I did not add too  much water! Woohoo! For toppings I sprinkled some goji berries on top and finished it off with a spoonful of original Nuttzo. Nuttzo is amazing although I don’t think it can rival my love for the Trader Joes raw creamy unsalted almond butter. We are in a serious relationship.


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