Overnight Oats Day 5| Parfait Style

Happy Friday friends! Last day of my overnight oats week! As I mentioned I ran out of oats, my other oats overflowed (still delicious) and now I have all these leftover oats. I obviously didn’t want to waste a delicious batch of oats, so for this variety I’m sharing one way to reuse your oats!

My first attempt was muffins…nope you can’t just add baking powder to things and hope they become muffins. Instead of being defeated I took those warm gooey heated oats and mixed in 2 spoonfuls of Nutzzo and watched the magic happened! They became even creamier and I wanted to eat it all there. Instead of just eat that, I layered it in a mug with some fruit! Everything looks fancy and creative in a mug. Suddenly my oats have morphed into a sophisticated nut butter parfait! I have a layer of oats, blueberries, oats, shredded coconut, oats, and a few more shredded coconuts for decoration. My inner blogger wished I was skilled in food photography or had white bowls. In due time everyone.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy all your oatmeal! I would love to see pictures of anything you make!




These are my same overnight oats from yesterday, just re purposed a bit! I took the failed muffins and just put it in a bowl and mixed it with 2 spoonfuls of Nuttzo to use as my base for the “parfiat.” I love layered oats because you just throw a bunch of ingredients together and it always works. Now I wrote most of this post last night unsure how these oats would taste. They taste sooo creamy I’m actually surprised. It must be the combination of baking the oats and then letting creamy Nuttzo melt into it and infuse the peanut butter taste into every bite! Don’t let failure, no matter how small, prevent you from doing something great. Yeah I just told you a cheesy quote about oatmeal. #obsessed. Another great way to reuse overnight oats is to making a smoothie out of it. It would make a really creamy consistency with almond milk, fruit, and nut butter. Most of these could probably be adapted into a pancake batter, although I haven’t tried that yet. Hope you enjoyed my week of overnight oats, this won’t be the last you see of them here!




2 thoughts on “Overnight Oats Day 5| Parfait Style

  1. Thank you very mch for leaving me drooling! I can do oats from time to time, but honestly could do without. However, this bowl of goodness just looks so gooey & basically perfect! Can anything taste bad when you add in some nut butter? 🙂

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