My Trader Joe’s Purchases

I thought this would be a fun post to share! It’s like a mini food haul, something I know we all love seeing. I have an obsession with Traded Joe’s. It’s closer to me than Whole Foods, so Trader Joe’s holds my heart. Let’s get into the food!

Not pictured is frozen sliced peppers, frozen berry medley with cherries, and an almond, cashew and chocolate trail mix. I still have some of my frozen mangoes left, otherwise I would have gotten that because Trader Joe’s frozen mangoes are just perfect. All I will say on that deliciousness.

20140622-200734.jpgFirst up is pre-cooked lentils. I’ve seen these a million times as I’m stocking up on veggies but I never actually bought them. This week might get a little hectic, so I thought this would be perfect for a quick meal. The TJ tempeh is my favorite at the moment. I love tempeh because it is very versatile, but can be used for a quick dinner also while giving that extra protein. Tempeh is a great base for any sauce or flavor you love. It can be a super simple dish of sauteed tempeh with brown rice and broccoli, to an elaborate baked turmeric tempeh with cauliflower cous cous, and roasted veggies. I plan on making a quick lentil and tempeh salad after class tomorrow night, maybe throw some almond butter in there!

20140622-200805.jpgMy fruit stash usually looks like an explosion of bananas and gala apples. I get into a routine of grabbing my bananas, frozen mangoes, and gala apples that I forget there’s a whole world of fruit out there.  Variety is the key to a healthy lifestyle, but it is also one of the hardest parts to maintain. Instead of buying apples I bought these juicy cherries. My new favorite thing is to freeze them for smoothies, “ice cream,” and just for snacking.


My absolute favorite raw energy bar (at this moment anyway). I always buy cherry pie and apple pie but this time I added cashew cookie to the mix. I love the simple and natural ingredients. No crazy additives, no unknown chemicals, just real whole foods.

20140622-200935.jpgNothing more needs to be said about my favorite food aka raw creamy unsalted almond butter. I would put this on absolutely anything. Obviously my favorite is the classic banana almond butter combo. For dessert, try taking just a square of dark chocolate and spreading some almond butter on top. It goes great with dates, fruit, oatmeal, chia pudding, smoothies, ezekiel english muffins, like I said, everything.


Two other staples for me are old fashioned oats and kale. I make kale salads, have it with sweet potatoes, tempeh, squash, roasted veggies, veggie burgers, etc. I am an oatmeal fanatic so oats are a must, but I also use oats for baking and smoothies.


What are your Trader Joe’s favorites!


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