WIAW #3: Double Ice Cream

It’s WIAW time again! Linking up with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons! Today is a very balanced day because there is a special dessert treat involved. I rarely have dessert, and I try and stay away from added sugar, but sometimes girl just needs some ice cream. I’m happy to report the ice cream was delicious and I felt 100% happy with my decision to eat it. I still consider these eats to be healthy, even more so than usual, because having some ice cream is definitely a healthy version of healthy.

Peas and Crayons

Le’ts get into the eats!



Breakfast was banana ice cream made with 2 frozen bananas, almond milk, water, topped with museli. I basically had ice cream twice today which is so awesome. You can see a lone slice of banana that didn’t blend with the others. Banana ice cream is the greatest invention and what I would eat more regularly than traditional ice cream.


I snacked on some cashews and celery in the mid-morning because liquid breakfasts digest much faster for me. Cashews are becoming my new favorite nut to use, sorry almonds, maybe next time.


I used my leftovers from dinner which was turmeric tempeh, red peppers and Trader Joe’s pre-cooked lentils. Such a good decision to buy these lentils because they are a lifesaver when busy. I served it with hummus massaged kale! I can’t get over how weird massaged kale sounds.


Shortly after I was still hungry so I ate some cherries, also one of my favorites for this season. I always liked cherries, but now I find myself more and more obsessed with them. I think it all started with the frozen cherries in the Trader Joe’s frozen berry mix. Changed my life guys!



Guess what…I had the same thing for dinner. I never usually do this but I had so many leftovers and I didn’t want it to go to waste/feel like cooking. Luckily it was good and I didn’t mind. I also kinda ate the food straight out of the Tupperware. Oops plates are so last year. Just give me all the tempeh, lentils, and kale in the world and I’ll be good to go.

Finallyyyy time to discuss my dessert.


I planned on getting Carvel the.entire.day. It was a long weekend with family stuff and I knew ice cream was happening. I went out after dinner and got for me and my mom for when she comes home. It was so nice to go out and get some ice cream and still feel healthy. P.S. this is pistachio ice cream with chocolate sprinkles! My first time having pistachio and I loooove it. It’s green just like my favorite flavor mint chip. I’m always trying to find a balanced lifestyle and feel great when I have a day that embodies that.  Reading all of the wonderful healthy living blogs out there has shown me that I can have my ice cream tonight, and wake up and have a green smoothie tomorrow.




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