Foodie Pen-pals

It’s my second month doing the foodie pen pals started by The Lean Green Bean! It’s a fun program where you get paired with a foodie friend and send each other a food package! I got a fun package of snacks from my foodie pal Stephanie. I was very happy with my package!

Here is an overview of my box!




First in my box is a Nature’s Bakery fig bar! I’ve had the blueberry ones once before and loved them. They look like a better version of Fig Newtons. I like that these say they are made with stoned ground whole wheat. There are two in this package, I like taking one and bringing it with me on the go for a snack. So far the raspberry is my favorite flavor, but I also want to try mango and peach apricot. There are so many healthier versions of snacks out there on the market, I just want to try them all!


My foodie friend made these delicious curry cashews. Right before I got my package and I started to eat more cashews. She was basically psychic. I think I’m most excited about these cashews because a) they were deliciousssss b) I loove my healthy fats c) curry. I’m honestly so surprised  I have some left and didn’t devour them the second I opened the box.


She sent me this awesome berry mix including mulberries! I have read about mulberries for sooo long and freaked out a little when I realized I could finally try them. I believe this is mulberries, goji berries, and raisins. There may be others, but I can’t pick them out at this moment. Berry mix + cashews= perfect snack.


I actually haven’t tried this yet. I know, insert a gasp emoji. It does look delicious! I love the fair trade and organic ingredients. Jam products usually get lost behind nut butters in my fridge but I promise I will use this somehow! It’s also blood orange and I do like orange flavored products, so it will happen.


Last homemade item! Yogurt peanut clusters aka more nuts aka totally cool with that. You always see yogurt covered pretzels, but not nuts, so I applaud the creativity. It’s basically a dream for any of you salty sweet obsessed people! Homemade items are so fun to receive because its someone’s creation that they are sharing.


Finally, some granola. I love granola, it sounds like I love a lot of things doesn’t it? Aloha blend sounded so tropical fun, I wish I was eating this on a tropical island or the beach. I’ve had Nature’s Path before so I knew the quality would be good. Granola is always a good option, especially with fruit in the summer.

Did any of you participate in Foodie Pen-pals? 

What is your favorite healthy snack to make yourself? 







7 thoughts on “Foodie Pen-pals

  1. Great post. Looks like an amazing box. I did Foodie PenPals this month. I got some great cheeses and olives (both of which I love). And that berry mix looks like the goji fruit mix I sent sent to my penpal.
    This was my first month doing the FPP but I loved it so much I’m starting my own spinoff. Running Mates. To share running/fitness inspired gifts. Check it out at

  2. What a creative package! I love that you got so many homemade goodies! The yogurt clusters look amazing, and so does that blood orange spread! yum! 🙂

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