Color Run Recap!

I participated in my first run! On Saturday, I went to the Brooklyn color run and had an amazing time! I will admit I walked the entire run, but hey, it’s for fun! I loved the supportive environment and never felt silly for walking the whole time. Of course it was fun being sprayed with color! We got lucky with the weather because it was sunny but I wasn’t exhausted from the heat. 

I’m including some awkward shots of me with my color run gear. I think we can all agree that free t-shirts are the best. Totally worth any price when you walk away with some swag. 
The best part was all the health vendors giving out free food! I posed with my sister and Oatworks smoothies. These smoothies have oats in them which is a great idea because most of us are obsessedd with our oats and will find any excuse to have some more! I don’t know too much about the company, but I just did some googling. The website says each smoothie is 100% juice (always look for that 100%), no added sugars, no preservatives, and equivalent to 2 bowls of oatmeal. I tried a few sips of the strawberry banana one and liked it, but I will probably just stick to my oats in a bowl rather than a smoothie. 
Here I am looking like a teenage alien. I felt like a camper, I look like a camper, but I promise I’m an adult. True story: I went to the Keurig area to get free coffee and they asked how old I was. Since when are you carded for coffee? Or am I so young looking that I can’t have caffeine without my parents approval? Okay, slight bitterness over, back to the fun! 
20140708-175830.jpgKind was there handing out free bars! I kind of freaked out over that  because I really like Kind bars. I thought only taking 3 was showing self control. I was tempted to take as many in a box but thought that would be going overboard. Also, a free “shot” of chia seeds? Yes please. These are from the Chia Co brand, and I actually ate one of their chia pods for breakfast that morning. Yasso, the frozen greek yogurt company, was also there handing out frozen yogurt bars. Full sized my friends, I was shocked. I forgot to take a picture of my mint chip bar, but it converted me to greek yogurt bars for summer. 

I highly recommend the color run to any novice runners, experienced runners, or people you just like to walk and have some fun! I almost forgot to mention the dance party, loud music, and people throwing color at each other. Daytime fun that emphasis health and wellness is always welcomed. 



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