Color Run Recap!

I participated in my first run! On Saturday, I went to the Brooklyn color run and had an amazing time! I will admit I walked the entire run, but hey, it’s for fun! I loved the supportive environment and never felt silly for walking the whole time. Of course it was fun being sprayed with color! We got lucky with the weather because it was sunny but I wasn’t exhausted from the heat. 

I’m including some awkward shots of me with my color run gear. I think we can all agree that free t-shirts are the best. Totally worth any price when you walk away with some swag. 
The best part was all the health vendors giving out free food! I posed with my sister and Oatworks smoothies. These smoothies have oats in them which is a great idea because most of us are obsessedd with our oats and will find any excuse to have some more! I don’t know too much about the company, but I just did some googling. The website says each smoothie is 100% juice (always look for that 100%), no added sugars, no preservatives, and equivalent to 2 bowls of oatmeal. I tried a few sips of the strawberry banana one and liked it, but I will probably just stick to my oats in a bowl rather than a smoothie. 
Here I am looking like a teenage alien. I felt like a camper, I look like a camper, but I promise I’m an adult. True story: I went to the Keurig area to get free coffee and they asked how old I was. Since when are you carded for coffee? Or am I so young looking that I can’t have caffeine without my parents approval? Okay, slight bitterness over, back to the fun! 
20140708-175830.jpgKind was there handing out free bars! I kind of freaked out over that  because I really like Kind bars. I thought only taking 3 was showing self control. I was tempted to take as many in a box but thought that would be going overboard. Also, a free “shot” of chia seeds? Yes please. These are from the Chia Co brand, and I actually ate one of their chia pods for breakfast that morning. Yasso, the frozen greek yogurt company, was also there handing out frozen yogurt bars. Full sized my friends, I was shocked. I forgot to take a picture of my mint chip bar, but it converted me to greek yogurt bars for summer. 

I highly recommend the color run to any novice runners, experienced runners, or people you just like to walk and have some fun! I almost forgot to mention the dance party, loud music, and people throwing color at each other. Daytime fun that emphasis health and wellness is always welcomed. 



Stay Healthy, Stay Snacking

I’ve been meaning to do a snacking post, and now is that time! I used to think snacking was a bad idea, but after switching to a more plant based diet, I realized how important snacks are. I know I need that steady supply of energy to keep me motivated throughout the day.

Let’s get snacking!

1. Fruit

Fruit is my favorite snack especially in the summer. Words that come to mind: juicy, sweet, refreshing. My current favorites are cherries, plums and oranges. I also discussed my love of frozen fruit many many times here, and frozen mangoes are still my favorite evening snack. I love getting a mixture of fruits and snacking on those. You can also blend the fruit into a smoothie or make little fruit skewers!

2. Energy bars/bites

These are my go to snacks. I always have no bake bites in my freezer. I use mostly dates, cashews, walnuts, and raw cacao. I like ,one chocolate, but you can add raisins or goji berries for a different taste. Adding different consistencies will change the texture of the bites. Bananas are great for bars because it becomes most, as opposed to just using nuts and dates. I’m going to link some of my favorite recipes.

Favorite energy bars:

– Kind bar

– Larabar

– Health Warrior chia bar

– Go Macro macrobar


Banana Nut Protein Bars

Raw Raisin and Ginger Nut Bars

Superfood Hemp Protein Bars


3. Quick breads

Quick breads for me are banana bread, Muffins, etc. that only take 20-30 mins to make. I usually eat mine for breakfast, but are great for afternoon snacks and dessert. I usually end up making banana bread but there are so many flavor combinations.


Chocolate Chip Summer Squash Banana Bread 

Banana Spelt Muffins 

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins 


4. Veggies and hummus

Such an easy snack if you have pre-cut veggies and hummus. The hummus can also be replaced with guacamole. The first veggies that come to mind are carrots, celery, tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli. I keep a bag of carrots around for when I feel like having a snack.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your next snack craving! I also love trail mix and of course some dark chocolate. In other news I did the color run on Saturday and it was so much fun! I’ll do a little recap for you on Wednesday. I am so happy I did it, and will definitely do it gain next year. 


Happy WIAW! Once again I’m linking to Peas and Crayons for this week’s view into what I like to eat!


This was actually my eats from Saturday, which means pancakes! As you can tell, when I make pancakes, it’s really just one giant pancake because it’s way easier. I made the two ingredient banana egg pancakes which I love. It’s just 1 banana, 2 eggs, plus some flax-seed that I add in just because. I had a ton of blueberries that needed to be used up so I sprinkled those on top and of course added some of my raw almond butter. Never. Getting. Old. Almond butter for life friends.


That keeps me full until lunch which was a sweet potato stuffed with tofu and spinach. I love playing with sweet potatoes and seeing what other foods pair well with it. I like using it as a base for tofu and tempeh, this is just crumbled tofu that was cooked on the stove.


Right after I ate some sun-dried tomatoes right out of these containers. I really can’t decide if I like them or not. They’re kind of like the food you keep eating but then after realize you don’t like them.


My afternoon snack was a ton of fruit because we got the largest fruit delivery ever and fruit does not last. It’s the perfect excuse for smoothies and eating fruit all day long.


I went to dinner with my family to Grand Lux Cafe and they actually have a menu item called “vegetables as a meal.” I was so excited I had to order it. I got mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and spinach with brown rice. All my favorites! Sometimes I feel awkward wanting to order these types of meals but now it is becoming easier.

Not pictured is the trail mix I ate after because this was not filling enough and because trail mix is the greatest evening snack.

That’s it for today!

What have you been eating lately? 



Foodie Pen-pals

It’s my second month doing the foodie pen pals started by The Lean Green Bean! It’s a fun program where you get paired with a foodie friend and send each other a food package! I got a fun package of snacks from my foodie pal Stephanie. I was very happy with my package!

Here is an overview of my box!




First in my box is a Nature’s Bakery fig bar! I’ve had the blueberry ones once before and loved them. They look like a better version of Fig Newtons. I like that these say they are made with stoned ground whole wheat. There are two in this package, I like taking one and bringing it with me on the go for a snack. So far the raspberry is my favorite flavor, but I also want to try mango and peach apricot. There are so many healthier versions of snacks out there on the market, I just want to try them all!


My foodie friend made these delicious curry cashews. Right before I got my package and I started to eat more cashews. She was basically psychic. I think I’m most excited about these cashews because a) they were deliciousssss b) I loove my healthy fats c) curry. I’m honestly so surprised  I have some left and didn’t devour them the second I opened the box.


She sent me this awesome berry mix including mulberries! I have read about mulberries for sooo long and freaked out a little when I realized I could finally try them. I believe this is mulberries, goji berries, and raisins. There may be others, but I can’t pick them out at this moment. Berry mix + cashews= perfect snack.


I actually haven’t tried this yet. I know, insert a gasp emoji. It does look delicious! I love the fair trade and organic ingredients. Jam products usually get lost behind nut butters in my fridge but I promise I will use this somehow! It’s also blood orange and I do like orange flavored products, so it will happen.


Last homemade item! Yogurt peanut clusters aka more nuts aka totally cool with that. You always see yogurt covered pretzels, but not nuts, so I applaud the creativity. It’s basically a dream for any of you salty sweet obsessed people! Homemade items are so fun to receive because its someone’s creation that they are sharing.


Finally, some granola. I love granola, it sounds like I love a lot of things doesn’t it? Aloha blend sounded so tropical fun, I wish I was eating this on a tropical island or the beach. I’ve had Nature’s Path before so I knew the quality would be good. Granola is always a good option, especially with fruit in the summer.

Did any of you participate in Foodie Pen-pals? 

What is your favorite healthy snack to make yourself? 






WIAW #3: Double Ice Cream

It’s WIAW time again! Linking up with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons! Today is a very balanced day because there is a special dessert treat involved. I rarely have dessert, and I try and stay away from added sugar, but sometimes girl just needs some ice cream. I’m happy to report the ice cream was delicious and I felt 100% happy with my decision to eat it. I still consider these eats to be healthy, even more so than usual, because having some ice cream is definitely a healthy version of healthy.

Peas and Crayons

Le’ts get into the eats!



Breakfast was banana ice cream made with 2 frozen bananas, almond milk, water, topped with museli. I basically had ice cream twice today which is so awesome. You can see a lone slice of banana that didn’t blend with the others. Banana ice cream is the greatest invention and what I would eat more regularly than traditional ice cream.


I snacked on some cashews and celery in the mid-morning because liquid breakfasts digest much faster for me. Cashews are becoming my new favorite nut to use, sorry almonds, maybe next time.


I used my leftovers from dinner which was turmeric tempeh, red peppers and Trader Joe’s pre-cooked lentils. Such a good decision to buy these lentils because they are a lifesaver when busy. I served it with hummus massaged kale! I can’t get over how weird massaged kale sounds.


Shortly after I was still hungry so I ate some cherries, also one of my favorites for this season. I always liked cherries, but now I find myself more and more obsessed with them. I think it all started with the frozen cherries in the Trader Joe’s frozen berry mix. Changed my life guys!



Guess what…I had the same thing for dinner. I never usually do this but I had so many leftovers and I didn’t want it to go to waste/feel like cooking. Luckily it was good and I didn’t mind. I also kinda ate the food straight out of the Tupperware. Oops plates are so last year. Just give me all the tempeh, lentils, and kale in the world and I’ll be good to go.

Finallyyyy time to discuss my dessert.


I planned on getting Carvel It was a long weekend with family stuff and I knew ice cream was happening. I went out after dinner and got for me and my mom for when she comes home. It was so nice to go out and get some ice cream and still feel healthy. P.S. this is pistachio ice cream with chocolate sprinkles! My first time having pistachio and I loooove it. It’s green just like my favorite flavor mint chip. I’m always trying to find a balanced lifestyle and feel great when I have a day that embodies that.  Reading all of the wonderful healthy living blogs out there has shown me that I can have my ice cream tonight, and wake up and have a green smoothie tomorrow.



My Trader Joe’s Purchases

I thought this would be a fun post to share! It’s like a mini food haul, something I know we all love seeing. I have an obsession with Traded Joe’s. It’s closer to me than Whole Foods, so Trader Joe’s holds my heart. Let’s get into the food!

Not pictured is frozen sliced peppers, frozen berry medley with cherries, and an almond, cashew and chocolate trail mix. I still have some of my frozen mangoes left, otherwise I would have gotten that because Trader Joe’s frozen mangoes are just perfect. All I will say on that deliciousness.

20140622-200734.jpgFirst up is pre-cooked lentils. I’ve seen these a million times as I’m stocking up on veggies but I never actually bought them. This week might get a little hectic, so I thought this would be perfect for a quick meal. The TJ tempeh is my favorite at the moment. I love tempeh because it is very versatile, but can be used for a quick dinner also while giving that extra protein. Tempeh is a great base for any sauce or flavor you love. It can be a super simple dish of sauteed tempeh with brown rice and broccoli, to an elaborate baked turmeric tempeh with cauliflower cous cous, and roasted veggies. I plan on making a quick lentil and tempeh salad after class tomorrow night, maybe throw some almond butter in there!

20140622-200805.jpgMy fruit stash usually looks like an explosion of bananas and gala apples. I get into a routine of grabbing my bananas, frozen mangoes, and gala apples that I forget there’s a whole world of fruit out there.  Variety is the key to a healthy lifestyle, but it is also one of the hardest parts to maintain. Instead of buying apples I bought these juicy cherries. My new favorite thing is to freeze them for smoothies, “ice cream,” and just for snacking.


My absolute favorite raw energy bar (at this moment anyway). I always buy cherry pie and apple pie but this time I added cashew cookie to the mix. I love the simple and natural ingredients. No crazy additives, no unknown chemicals, just real whole foods.

20140622-200935.jpgNothing more needs to be said about my favorite food aka raw creamy unsalted almond butter. I would put this on absolutely anything. Obviously my favorite is the classic banana almond butter combo. For dessert, try taking just a square of dark chocolate and spreading some almond butter on top. It goes great with dates, fruit, oatmeal, chia pudding, smoothies, ezekiel english muffins, like I said, everything.


Two other staples for me are old fashioned oats and kale. I make kale salads, have it with sweet potatoes, tempeh, squash, roasted veggies, veggie burgers, etc. I am an oatmeal fanatic so oats are a must, but I also use oats for baking and smoothies.


What are your Trader Joe’s favorites!

Overnight Oats Day 5| Parfait Style

Happy Friday friends! Last day of my overnight oats week! As I mentioned I ran out of oats, my other oats overflowed (still delicious) and now I have all these leftover oats. I obviously didn’t want to waste a delicious batch of oats, so for this variety I’m sharing one way to reuse your oats!

My first attempt was muffins…nope you can’t just add baking powder to things and hope they become muffins. Instead of being defeated I took those warm gooey heated oats and mixed in 2 spoonfuls of Nutzzo and watched the magic happened! They became even creamier and I wanted to eat it all there. Instead of just eat that, I layered it in a mug with some fruit! Everything looks fancy and creative in a mug. Suddenly my oats have morphed into a sophisticated nut butter parfait! I have a layer of oats, blueberries, oats, shredded coconut, oats, and a few more shredded coconuts for decoration. My inner blogger wished I was skilled in food photography or had white bowls. In due time everyone.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy all your oatmeal! I would love to see pictures of anything you make!




These are my same overnight oats from yesterday, just re purposed a bit! I took the failed muffins and just put it in a bowl and mixed it with 2 spoonfuls of Nuttzo to use as my base for the “parfiat.” I love layered oats because you just throw a bunch of ingredients together and it always works. Now I wrote most of this post last night unsure how these oats would taste. They taste sooo creamy I’m actually surprised. It must be the combination of baking the oats and then letting creamy Nuttzo melt into it and infuse the peanut butter taste into every bite! Don’t let failure, no matter how small, prevent you from doing something great. Yeah I just told you a cheesy quote about oatmeal. #obsessed. Another great way to reuse overnight oats is to making a smoothie out of it. It would make a really creamy consistency with almond milk, fruit, and nut butter. Most of these could probably be adapted into a pancake batter, although I haven’t tried that yet. Hope you enjoyed my week of overnight oats, this won’t be the last you see of them here!